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Reciflex® diaphragms

Reciflex® diaphragms are shaped diaphragms made from coated fabric, i.e. textiles covered on both sides with elastomer. Coated fabrics come in thicknesses of between 0.15 mm and 3 mm.

Depending on the pressures, EFFBE recommends using several layers of fabric to ensure mechanical strength and prevent the diaphragm from bursting.

We also use a wide range of textiles (polyamide, polyester, polyarylamide, etc.) and elastomers (NBR, ECO, FMVQ, FMQ, FKM, etc.) to produce our diaphragm fabrics.

Our manufacturing process ensures very precise centring of the textile, which will always be perfectly protected on both sides by the defined elastomer, with the possibility, depending on the application, of incorporating different elastomers on each side. The definition of specifications (fluids in contact, extreme temperatures, frequencies, pressure, etc.) validated upstream by the customer is essential for the choice of material.

Our process allows us to optimise the adhesion between the elastomer and the chosen textile. The textile will always be perfectly centred, even in the areas of greatest stress, which means that the Reciflex® diaphragms designed and produced by EFFBE can withstand millions or even billions of cycles.

Compared with other types of lay-up or lay-in diaphragms in the EFFBE range, the Reciflex® diaphragm has very low stiffness and very low hysteresis, giving it the advantage of being much more durable. This is the only technique that can produce textile-reinforced diaphragms with thicknesses as low as 0.15 mm.

Note: Depending on the specifications, EFFBE can apply specific treatments to make Reciflex® diaphragms anti-weaking. Fluids or gases cannot therefore propagate through the textile and cause the elastomer to detach from it.

Diagram of how Reciflex EFFBE fabric diaphragms work
Multilayer fabric, elastomer diaphragm with multilayer textile reinforcement, centred textile, anti-leak fabric, thickness 0.15 mm - 0.20 mm - 0.24 mm - 0.40 mm - 0.42 mm - 0.52 mm -0.55 mm - 0.60 mm - 0.68 mm - 0.70 mm - 0.80 mm -1.00 mm - 1.10 mm - 1.50 mm - 2.00 mm - 2.50 mm - 3.00 mm